College Nights!

It’s that time. It’s spring quarter. It’s college night time.

Every year, both the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Getty Center throw huge-o parties, creatively titled “College Night”s because they are for college students and happen in the evening time. College nights are so so fun. There’s art, there’s fellow college students, and (most importantly) there’s always gobs of free food.

LACMA and the Getty each do their college nights a little differently.

LACMA’s was during the first week of the quarter (before anyone had any homework, good one, LACMA!). The bus ride over was nice – I always like busing down Wilshire. My friends and I got to the museum (which is really easy to spot because of their lamp post installation in the front) a little after the event had started, and we immediately got in the first line for food we could see. It turned out that the line we were waiting in was for coffee and tea, which was fine, but we wanted some real food!

I thought I saw people walking around with vanilla ice cream and figured that there was a make-your-own sundae bar. After waiting a while in what I thought was the ice cream line, I realized that people were actually carrying around cups of mashed potatoes… not ice cream. This was OK by me, I like mashed potatoes and they had some fun fixin’s to go along with the spuds. I got cheddar cheese, chives, butter, and bacon bits. I did feel really weird eating mashed potatoes at a semi-fancy event (especially out of a plastic cup), but hey, it was free food.

After our munchies, my friends and I went to go check out the art. There was a really cool sculpture called “Metropolis” that was essentially a gigantic hotwheels track with hundreds of cars zooming around miniature buildings on plastic roads. There was also an exhibit on American and Mexican women surrealists, and I got to see some pieces by Frida! Cool!

Getty’s college night was less art focused and more party party party focused. The group I went with got there as the event was starting and first thing we did (of course) was jet straight to the food. This year they had tacos! I had three total – two pork and one chicken – and ate a couple of the brownies as well. The brownies might have actually been the best part (which is hard for me to believe considering how obsessed I am with tacos) but this is because they had ~ancho chiles~ in them. Spicy and chocolate was a perfect way to finish off the meal.

Instead of looking at art after we ate, my friends and partook in the many party-related (and non-party-related) activities at College Night. We went up on balconies for great views of LA, we took pictures in the photobooth, we listened to bands that were playing, among other things.

For both nights, my friends and I stayed until closing – everything was just way too fun! I love College Night and I love even more that I get to go to two of them a year!