Spring Quarter Classes

At UCLA, we have the first two weeks of the quarter to change class times, sections or perhaps classes in general. Now that we are well into third week, schedules are finalized.

This quarter I am taking four classes.

1)      Phy Sci: Continuation of the core series for my major. This is the last class of the core series, but I will have to do the lab component in the fall. We are already ready for the first midterm on endocrinology!

2)      Honors Seminar: Psychology of Fear. I am taking this course to fulfill my honors collegiums requirement. It is taught by a practicing psychologist. It is a bit different then my normal classes, but very relatable.

3)      Biostats: This course counts as an upper division physiological science class and fulfills that statistics requirement for medical school. The professor is great, and many of the topics are very relevant to the research I do.

4)      History of Modern Europe: Upper division history course. So far, the material is similar to one of the lower division courses I took, but it is by a completely different professor. It has been interesting to hear similar information presented in a completely different manner.

Pretty broad mix, but it should be a great quarter!

Go Bruins!