Princeton Ly – Bruin Leaders Project

One of UCLA’s many hidden gems in terms of extracurricular programming is its Bruin Leaders Project. From its website:

The Bruin Leaders Project is a seminar-based, leadership development program designed to provide effective leadership training with emphasis on personal growth and community involvement. Open to all UCLA students (undergraduates & graduates), BLP offers interactive seminars and activities focused on developing the qualities of being a successful leader and enacting positive social change. Students wishing to pursue the program in greater depth also have an opportunity to enroll in BLP’s seminar class for academic credit.

I have attended a handful of the seminars, ranging from the “Social Change Model of Leadership” to “Breaking Barriers: Asian American Tools for Success”, and have found them all instructive and more than worth my time. In particular, the session on “Public Speaking” was particularly useful to me – I find myself using the tips I gained from that talk on a regular basis. This quarter, I plan to attend seminars on communication styles, nutrition, and a capstone. The Spring 2012 schedule can be found here.

The program can demand as much or as little time and effort as you want it to. You might simply want to attend a seminar or two to check things out. Or, you can be like me and be slowly working towards a Certificate of Leadership. You can even join BLP for academic credit or go as far as to participate in the Student Facilitation Team. Whatever you do, make sure to check out BLP!

PS – This may be coming a few months late, but apparently we’re a very hipster school. Interesting!