The Start of Spring Quarter

Every time I start a new quarter it amazes me how fast time flies. Seriously, the quarter system is no joke. 10 weeks from now I will be wondering where the quarter went. To prepare efficiently for a quarter you have to manage your time effectively every day. Not a single day goes by during a quarter where I do not think about homework or what I have to do next to prepare for my class. That is what keeps me on task and on top of all my deadlines in regards to my classes. I would not trade the quarter system for the semester system. because I feel like I work better in a fast paced environment. I  love it. I love to be busy so that is one thing that keeps me going as well. If I am not doing something, then something is wrong, :P. For me, I have to be on top of every single thing I do- whether it has to do with academics or not. That is why the quarter system is for me– I’m either doing something school related or doing something to keep me sane and happy. This Spring Quarter will be my last Spring Quarter ever as an undergrad. I don’t know whether to feel excited or not about starting my last quarter at UCLA. These will be my last ten weeks. It is a serious countdown that I will be taking advantage every single day of. Here’s to a fabulous quarter!!!