Princeton Ly – At Long Last

It’s strange to think that my time at UCLA as an undergraduate will end in just ten short weeks. As I have said before, it’s been an amazingly fun run. Here’s to one more great quarter!

To start out, this is what I am up to in Spring 2012:


The details are still being worked out, but I am signed up for four courses. The first is Biochemical Methods I, a biochemistry laboratory required by a few medical schools. The second is Chemical Communication, which finishes up my Marine Biology major requirements. The third is Cell Biology: Cell Cycle, a chemical biology class also required by a few medical schools. Lastly, I have a Individual Studies for USIE Facilitators contract course with my faculty mentor to keep me prepared for the class I am teaching next quarter.

[For you incoming Bruins, you can find the Schedule of Classes here and a pretty reliable, independently-run, professor rating site for UCLA here.]

Quite fortunately, all of this still allows for a free Friday.


Besides preparing for my aforementioned USIE class, I have my usual responsibilities with my Christian fellowship as well as at my home church. This includes preparing for an upcoming retreat, coordinating senior class activities, and other leadership team tasks. This also overlaps with general senior-year-spring-quarter stuff like attending my last Spring Game and Spring Sing, attending friends’ graduations, preparing for my own commencements, and making/completing an end-of-undergraduate bucket list.

On top of this, I still need to figure out where I am going to medical school next year!


Whew, it sounds like a lot all put together, doesn’t it? Makes me a bit tired just thinking about everything, ha. Let’s just pray I can get everything done joyfully and successfully.

Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming