Countin’ Down

While it seems like most of my peers were catching up on sleep or laying on a beach, I spent my break either at gymnastics practice or preparing for the MCAT. I cannot wait to be finished studying for this test. I have honestly spent at least two hundred hours preparing for this exam. I am taking the MCAT next Friday, so only a week remains.

At this point, most of my preparation consists of sample exams. Each full length takes about five hours. After taking the text, I carefully review both the right and wrong answers. Then, I go over the concepts I missed or feel like I don’t completely understand. Needless to say, it is quite the process.

Go Bruins!


  1. Ranvir Singh says:

    u should better prepare for ur MCAT, hope u find time to prepare hard…

  2. exams exams exams .. Life is already a test

    1. Thanks for reading!

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