Featured Study Spot: Dickson Court

If you think I love scoping out new places to study on campus, you couldn’t be more correct.  Sure, the conventional dorm desk or apartment dining table get stuff done, but why not enjoy the lovely outdoors or some ambient coffee shop music while you’re at it?  One of the greatest things about this campus is that we have a wide range of places where students can hit the books AND appreciate the campus at the same time.

Some of my favorites include coffee shops, on-campus libraries, and cafes in Westwood, but on a beautiful day like this, how can one resist the urge to plop down on the grass somewhere and soak in some sunshine?

Dickson Court, located between Schoenberg Hall (home to the School of Music) and Perloff Hall (home to the Graduate School of Architecture), is an ideal place to do just that.  With some mild slopes and neatly trimmed flower bushes, it’s hard to walk through and resist the urge to come back later just to take a nap on the grass.  The careful placement of trees gives the court some patches of shade, which are useful when the Sun is directly overhead.

Here’s what Dickson Court looks like today: