Academic Advisement

Hey readers! I hope all is well with your daily lives and such. For the most part my daily life has been fantastic. Even though I’ve been unusually busy this week, I made a goal to set an appointment with my academic advisor.

An academic advisor is comparable to a counselor; he or she is able to advise you on what classes you should take and which classes fulfill which requirements. Even though you should keep up with this information yourself (its all available online), it doesn’t hurt to see an academic advisor anytime something isn’t clear to you. They are very helpful people, and the best part is they want to assist you! A good thing to do if you haven’t been meeting with an advisor is to meet with a few different ones. Then choose one advisor whom you feel is the most helpful in what you are seeking, whether its help deciding a major, making a strategy in order to graduate within a certain amount of years, or planning to double major.

The most important thing is that you meet with an advisor early during your college career so that you don’t get off-track. Many students believe that academic advisement isn’t necessary until you need it, and this isn’t true. Stay ahead by meeting with an advisor so that you have a plan. This also applies to high school if you’re still in it. Meet with your counselor every now and then. I bugged my high school counselor so much about my schedule and college applications that he knew my first name, which is a big deal when you’re in a graduating class of 650 people. I don’t necessarily recommend bugging your counselor, but definitely visit them. Have a great week!