While you wait for college acceptances…

Many of you have already applied to the college of your dreams and now it’s time to wait for those acceptance letters to start rolling in. As you may have heard the fabulous news, this year UCLA received over 90,000 applications (91,512 students to be exact applied to be newly admitted to one of the most fabulous schools EVER!). As a Bruin Ambassador Coordinator, me and a group of students (supervised by our fabulous boss/mentor/friend/UCLA Director) go out to high schools in the LA area to encourage them to apply to the UC System, but particularly UCLA.

So many of you have wondered what to do while you wait while you hear back from schools so here are a few suggestions:

  1. Continue working your butt off– the hard work does not end here! This is your opportunity to end the year on a high note with amazing grades! I remember when I was back in high school I finished my last semester with straight A’s and it felt like all my hard work throughout the entire four years had actually paid off. Plus, when you work hard, you feel more relaxed since you do not have to worry about your school of choice rescinding your offer of admissions because of bad grades.
  2. Start working on your FAFSA– Whether or not you think you qualify for aid, APPLY! It is a time-consuming application but in the end it will pay off– you will get money for college! It can’t get any better than that… :D!
  3. Research your schools- it does not hurt to learn more about the schools that you have applied to. You can learn about the dorm life, majors offered, student life, clubs, organizations, etc. You can never learn too much… šŸ˜›