Enormous Activities Fair 2011

Monday was the annual Enormous Activities Fair, where hundreds of student-run organizations take advantage of zero week to reach out and recruit interested students for their clubs.  The fair took place in Royce Quad and Wilson Plaza, in which thousands of students congregated to find out more about organizations they can get involved with.  It is safe to say that hundreds of clubs came out to represent, tended by even more students, intent on spreading the word about their organizations and recruiting others who are interested in the same cause.

I had a wonderful time at the YOUTHphonics A Cappella table, walking around browsing other clubs, and picking up flyers and freebies that were being handed out, anything from lanyards to bandaid dispensers.  It was great to see the expansive quad between Royce Hall, Powell Library, Haines Hall and Humanities Building, bustling with students wondering what to get involved in and keeping an open mind for everything that crossed their paths.  As far as the eye could see (from my tiny table), it seemed like a sea of people funneling through the narrow aisles, as club members filled up half the space to (playfully) battle one another for interested students, both freshmen and returning.

At any given moment, it is safe to say that involvement at UCLA is incredible and that students genuinely value their extracurricular activities.  The positive spirit that unified everyone was eminent; people were interested in everything they heard about and were open to new ideas, as well as stepping out of their comfort zones to find their new sphere of influence, in the next chapter of their life titled College.  This enormous activities fair alone showed hundreds (maybe thousands) of Bruins what it means to be an active part of the UCLA campus and a contributing body, that makes up the 955 registered clubs we have today.