Third Street Promenade

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to go shopping at Third Street Promenade. I had such an amazing time bonding with my roommates and shopping for cute clothes! One of the things that I love about UCLA is that it’s so close to so many attractive places to get away and have fun. There’s museums, movie theaters, places to eat, and lot’s of places to shop! That is just one of the aspects that I love about being able to live in Westwood Village. In one of my blogs I mentioned how much I love shopping. To me, shopping doesn’t just mean buying clothes. It means so much more. Not only do I get to buy new clothes, but I also get to explore different styles and find stuff that I feel suits my personality. The compliments that I receive, make up for the lack of cash that I have every now and then ;). I am able to express myself through my style. What means do you use to express yourself?