Recapping my Quarter

Wow, Spring Quarter flew by! I can say that I truly enjoyed my personal and educational experiences throughout the quarter. I took classes such as Sociology 133 (Collective Behavior), Soc 185 (American Society) and Soc 174 (Family). All three courses were challenging and enjoyable. I have to say my favorite was Soc 185, not only because it challenged me the most intellectually, but also let me test out real life situations in American society. I was able to complete two different projects: one on American voting patterns during the 2008 election and predicting future challenges and favors for candidates during the 2012 election and the second dealing with choosing a candidate to run for President during the 2012 election and looking at their prospects of winning by establishing three main focuses (I either had to run as Barack Obama, run against him as myself or choose a Republican candidate). I was able to look at past data and current data (news articles, polling questions, etc.) to complete both projects. As a Sociology major, all these classes really reflect why I chose my major–because I love looking at empirical data and critical analysis of society. It is what I love and what I look forward to applying in the future :) .

As I look back at my personal experiences I had a blast! I met so many new people and I was able to get closer to several of my friends. It was such a wild roller coaster that I was sad to leave after finals. But as I sit here in my home I am thankful to be around my family. After all, I am not too far away from LA (I’m just about an hour away). This week, I plan to catch up on rest, visit family, and make two trips back to LA (one to have lunch with my boss and two to visits friends). I am so excited! It’s barely my first week of vacation and I cannot wait for Fall quarter to arrive. Until then, I’m going back to work to my previous summer job (I’m working with Elementary students) and prepare to buy stuff for my apartment. :)