Missing the Perks

Traveling and being home is a lot of fun for me. I adore visiting tourist attractions, relaxing, and spending time with family, but I miss the perks UCLA has to offer. When I am in Westwood I spend a lot of my time at the John Wooden Center, which is our on campus gym. All a student has to do to get in the gym is swipe their bruin card (student ID) and they can spend as much time as they want lifting weights or burning calories on the cardio machines. ¬†Another benefit to being a full-time student is the Powell library that is open till the wee hours of the morning, which is known as “Night Powell“. This allows students to get in those study hours and stay in the library for as long as they wish. I am also a green advocate and that’s why I also miss the close proximity to everything on campus and in Westwood. Students are able to walk to class, grocery shopping, the gym, the off campus apartments, etc. If a student ever needs to get off campus though, you can always take the Big Blue Bus. Students are able to take this mode of public transportation for only 50 cents! These are just some of the perks that UCLA offers their students.

Helen Dang