Spring Sing!!!

For the last four months I have had the amazing opportunity to work alongside some of UCLA’s most talented and wonderful comedians, as a fellow member of the sketch comedy writing and performance group, Company. All of our hard work and long hours finally paid off on Friday when we got to perform in front of the 7,000 person audience.

Company hosts one of UCLA’s oldest and most popular school traditions, Spring Sing. For one night, some of UCLA’s most talented performers from bands, dance groups, and solo musicians get to come out on stage and show us what they can do. Company performs in between every talent act in order to keep the audience laughing and entertained. Past Spring Sing student performers include Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles, and SNL’s Nasim Pedrad!!! The Spring Sing audience includes celebrity judges such as this years, Sean Astin (a UCLA Bruin and the hobbit Sam from Lord of the Rings), Josh Sussman (from GLEE), and Steve Callaghan (one of the executive producers and writers of Family Guy). Spring Sing also celebrates an influential member of the music industry with the Gershwin award. Past recipients include Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, Lionel Richie, Tom Petty, Julie Andrews, and this years Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

It is an incredible experience and nearly impossible to put into words. As I stood on stage and listened to the sound of 7,000 people laughing and clapping because of something that I said, or written, or was even just a part of, it felt like a dream. Before coming to UCLA I had never thought of pursuing comedy as a career, but this experience has changed all of that for me. I love that in a community like UCLA where we are all running around with our busy lives and stressful studies, that we can all come together for one night to be a part of something positive and that I can have an impact on the people around me. I am so proud of my fellow Bruins, and I know that they are all going to do amazing things in their lifetimes, and I am honored to say I was a part of their beginnings. Spring Sing is just one of the many reasons why I love to be a Bruin and call UCLA a home. Check out some of the videos we made for this years show!

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