UCLA Alumni Day!

On May 21, 2011, me and my coworker/amazing friend Matt worked as part of Bruin Ambassadors UCLA Alumni Day on behalf of the Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with Schools office. We were assigned to discuss UCLA majors and minors as well as freshman admission requirements with students who came with their Bruin family. It was such an amazing day. Reconnecting with people who were former students here at UCLA was truly an amazing experience. I met people who graduated in1981 and, most recently, 2008. It was wonderful to hear their stories about how much UCLA has changed since they graduated. Next year I will be able to call myself a UCLA Alumnus (as well as get my Bank of America UCLA Alumni Debit card that I am stoked about getting, haha!). It made me think about how many memories former and current Bruins can bond about.

At the event, surprisingly enough, I was able to meet Ami, a UCLA Alumnus and former ASK Peer Counselor. As a current ASK Peer Counselor myself, it was shocking to meet and reconnect with someone who did what I did years ago. It just goes to show how small this world is; it also shows how Bruins are everywhere. Meeting Ami and her family was a pleasure–she was so lively and welcoming. Once she introduced herself as a former ASK Peer Counselor we immediately bonded and shared an instant connection. Meeting Ami, along with other Bruins and their families, is what made Alumni day for me that much more special. It motivates me even more to enjoy my Bruin experience and take advantages of all the opportunities provided here at UCLA.

Alumni day represents something to me that is instilled in every Bruin– Once a Bruin, always a Bruin. 🙂