Thank you, UCLA!

One of the highlights of “I ♥ UCLA” Week was “Thank you, UCLA” day.  It was a way for students to give back to the place that has given us so much joy, opportunity, success, and necessary stress.  On Wednesday, there were tables and activities set up for students to enjoy.  I was able to donate a dollar to the school (big spender!) and spin a wheel for prizes.  I answered questions about on campus programs and got a shirt and other fun prizes.  My fellow Bruin Ambassadors (Ay’Anna and Taylor) were working the booth and they were informing students of other programs on campus that some students were unaware of.  We also were able to write a thank you card to UCLA for everything it has given us.  I wrote two because one didn’t seem to be enough; UCLA is a place where we grow as students and as people and I was glad to thank UCLA for giving me all it has.  Thank you, UCLA!  Go Bruins!

Matt McGraw