Dining on Campus

We have four dining halls (each with its own theme) and three fast service restaurants.  Students who live on “The Hill” (on campus housing) take for granted the amazing food that we have, but by the time you get to the apartments, you miss it.  Personally, I have loved cooking for myself.  I can make whatever I want and it is not dependent on the dining hall menu.  That being said, dining hall food is so convenient.  Some nights, I really don’t feel like cooking, so I eat some cereal.  I think the thing I miss the most though are the quick coffee drinks and pastries from Bruin Cafe.

All that being said, when you make friends with students who still live on the hill, you can get the best of both worlds!  My friends swipe me in for dinner and later in the week, I have them over to my apartment for dinner!  Its a really nice cycle of give and take!

The dining halls are a great experience!  Especially when its breakfast for dinner….like last night!!