Searching for Jobs or Internships?

As students are interviewing for full-time jobs and summer internships right now, I wanted to share with you a few useful resources that could help. UCLA Career Center is always a place to go to find information about summer internships, work-abroad opportunities, and much. If you are interested to get credit for interning or researching, stop by the Career Center and ask for more information. Also, they hold information sessions and workshops all year long covering different topics, such as Personal Statement write-ups, scholarships, tips on getting into med school, mock interview, and more. The Career Center also provides Career counseling, where students can explore the link between specific major and career opportunities. This counseling helps students learn about themselves and their skills, learn how to write an effective resume, gain greater confidence in interviewing skills, and get tips on getting into graduate school/professional schools.

Also, there are numerous websites online that can help students plan for their future after college. For example, NerdWallet* provides a useful tool called the “cost of living calculator“, which lets students compare over 300 US cities to see how major costs differ between cities. This is a great first-step guide for students to understand how far their new salaries will go, and in certain cases where cost of living is high, it can be used to negotiate a higher salary.  It provides users with in-depth cost comparisons of various expenses, including housing, transportation, groceries, and entertainment. In addition, NerdWallet’s accompanying city life tool provides detailed profiles of 25 of the largest U.S. cities including Honolulu, and gives students a glimpse of what living in their future city will be like.


*NerdWallet, Inc. is not endorsed by the University of California Los Angeles.