Studying and Keeping Sane


A large part of my time here at UCLA has been finding new and creative places to study.  Some of my favorites include:

  • The reading room at YRL
  • The 5th floor of YRL
  • The English Reading Room (a new find)
  • The Sunken Gardens (when warm)
  • Jimmy’s Coffeehouse
  • Espresso Profetta (in Westwood)
  • Starbucks (open until midnight!)

Most UCLA students at some point or another will experience “Night Powell”.  Night Powell is the College Library at night.  The reading rooms and study rooms are open 24/7 starting week 3.  While I have studied there, When studying, I have always found that crowded libraries can be a bit oppressive.  So last night, in a last ditch effort to avoid Night Powell, I decided to do some exploring.

I didn’t get very far…in fact, I ended up in Kerckhoff Coffeehouse (not all that unusual for me).  I was surprised to find it near empty!  I had my pick of the tables, as many plugs as I needed, and coffee!  On school nights, Kerckhoff is open until 11pm which is perfect since I try and get to sleep by 12am every night!  The music selection at Kerckhoff is always great and coffee is a college necessity.  Last night I really needed to study for my two midterms and I was impressed by the vibe at Kerckhoff.

During the day, Kerckhoff is buzzing with students and faculty.  Some are studying, others are catching up with friends, you always see bible studies meeting and student group interviews going on.  It is lively! At night it is the perfect study place!


  1. weighteddecision says:

    Great recommendation. You may just have inspired us to do a blog post about deciding where to study! What factors are important to you when considering where to study?

  2. Hannah Bernosky says:

    I really don’t like to feel isolated when I study, but I need somewhere that will not distract me. My ideal study spot is close to food/coffee, allows me to have quiet conversation, has plenty of outlets, has good wifi, doesn’t make me feel claustrophobic or isolated. That’s why I really like coffeeshops during anytime but rush hour and cafes. I hope that helps!

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