Goals for Winter ’13

It’s a new quarter, and what better time to set some goals in addition to those New Year’s Resolutions?  After a wonderfully restful two and a half weeks spent in Vancouver with family, it’s time to get back in the groove of things.  I’m particularly excited about a few things coming up this quarter, including performances with my a cappella group YOUTHphonics, a research course with my GIS professor, GRE classes at The Princeton Review, and plenty of job hunting (I might be lying about being excited for that last one). My goals for the quarter include:

  1. Study hard for the GRE and achieve a score I am (and grad schools are) happy with
  2. Enjoy UCLA to the fullest in my second-to-last quarter of undergrad
  3. Find an apartment for next year
  4. Find a job related to my minor (GIS&T)

It’s that time of year when foot traffic around the Westwood apartments increases as students tour open houses and try to settle their living plans for the next year.  Two years ago, I was in the same boat as these prospective Westwood Village North residents, and my roommate and I traversed these streets looking for the perfect place to live.  Needless to say, it was difficult to find exactly that, but what we did find was a pretty nice alternative on Kelton Avenue.  It’s not cheap and it’s not big, but hey it’s Westwood, and it is five minutes from De Neve.  Who can resist the close proximity to the dorms (and dorm food)? 😀