Engineering TBR: Technology Management

For all of you Engineering majors, you probably know that you have to pick TBR (technical breadth requirement) as part of your major courses. I started my TBR this quarter. I decided to do the Technology Management route as my TBR. At first, I was scared and felt intimidated because I have no clue whatsoever about finance or economics or business; however,  I felt that this new area will challenge myself.

Now that 4 weeks have passed, I can definitely say that my two technology management classes are challenging and super interesting at the same time!!! 🙂 I learnt a lot of different new things and perspective about Engineering field. I also feel that these courses are the perfect additional knowledge before graduating and jumping into the industry field.

Now that we are officially in week 5, I hope you all are hanging in there for midterms and assignments that I’m sure are starting to pile up. Hope they all don’t get too crazy 🙂

For Freshmen, my suggestion will and always be: find a study partner! It is always a good thing when you study and do the hard work together with your friends that can motivate and help you get through it. It also eased up the stress of the course load when you’re doing it with your friend!! 🙂

For Sophomore, Junior, and Seniors, you guys should be an expert already at this point I assume 🙂 Hang in there Bruins!