Studying Away


In exactly one week, I will have finished my last final and the 2011-2012 school year will officially be over. I am really excited to go up to my favorite summer camp, Woodward West, the next week and coach gymnastics. But before that, there is work to be done. I was able to get both my papers done this week, so now I can focus on my actual finals.

I am feeling ok for my biostatistics course, by my physiology course will be touchy. Some of the lectures contain 90 slides. And, its multiple-multiple choice with no partial credit. That means that more than one answer will be right (but sometimes just one is right) and you need to circle them all. Head game, much?

The saving grace of studying for finals is the wonderful weather. It is much nicer to sit outside for a period then be crammed inside all day.

Go Bruins!