Delicious & Hilarious

Wednesday night was an excellent night for two reasons:

  1. it was delicious
  2. it was hilarious

Wednesday was the night of the Hill’s annual themed dinner. Every year, Housing & Hospitality goes above and beyond to put on a beautiful themed dinner for the residents in the dorms. Last year, the theme was Hawaiian, which meant pineapple, coconut, and plenty of spam. This year, the theme was Mediterranean (much better than last year’s, I.M.H.O.). We had a lamb dish from Morocco, spot-on chicken gyros with tzatziki, non-alcoholic sangria, and tapas galore. My plate was overflowing with olives, blue cheese, prosciutto, and Frito Mixto de Verdura (or deep-fried vegetable fritters).

If the food wasn’t enough, the decorations in the dining hall were spectacular. There were flags from Mediterranean countries painted on the windows. There were huge cheese wheels and pieces of salami that decorated the various food stations. Perhaps the best was the giant archway that you walked through when you entered the dining hall that made it seem like you were stepping on to a Mediterranean cruise.

I finished up the meal with some stellar desserts – apricots with yogurt, honey, and pistachios and a coffee-flavored ice cream cone topped with shaved chocolate and hazelnuts. Just. Wow.

After the fabulous meal, I went with some friends to go see a CEC speakers event with the Upright Citizens Brigade. They are a comedy improve group that exists around the country, and we are lucky enough to have some of them right here in L.A. The show was entirely done on the spot, and it was a mix of funny conversations and improvised songs. Everything that happened in the show was based off of topics that had been brought up in conversations onstage. For example, the show got started with an audience-given prompt – the word “juicebox” – with which the four actors used to launch into conversation. They talked about baby food (which resulted in a song about a high school where the cool thing to do was act like a baby), they talked about marathons (which resulted in a song about a marathon run by prisoners overseen by a trusting warden), and they talked about Darth Vader (which resulted in a song which featured a young girl finding out her father was Darth Vader). It was intense, and it was hilarious.

The night was great! It makes me wish every day was theme dinner day with a comedy show to finish off the evening.


  1. kikibaehaki says:

    oh. great! definitely a fun event.dinner day with a comedy show to finish off the evening.

    1. It was great! Thanks for the comment :3

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