First battle field: Accomplished

Hey there fellow Bruins, my apologies that I couldn’t write a blog over the weekend. I was preparing for my first battlefield for this quarter. For those current Bruins, we all know that week 4 is the week where everyone is waiting for, not really. But anyway, I just did my first midterm for this quarter this morning; and it was a beast!!

Love the class, it is very informative. Love the professor, super genius and smart person. Love the TA, they are both very friendly and helpful. But when it comes for the test, let’s just say it was a super long weekend for me.

I ended up spending my Saturday and Sunday at Starbucks for at least 6 – 7 hours on each of both days. But it was really worth the fight. It is such a great feeling to know that you gave it your best in studying and taking the exam.

I still have 2 more battlefields waiting for me on Thursday. Yep, they are both happening in the same day. Guess what time is the first midterm: it’s at 8AM !! Yes you read it right, it’s at 8AM. That only means one thing, by the end of my second midterm, I will be too tired to even walk home…haha..

Anyway, best of luck for all the Bruins who are also preparing for their midterms!! Study hard, and make it worth to be a Bruin!! 🙂