Princeton Ly – UCLA Memes


It seems like there are never a shortage of UCLA-specific distractions that pop up during our most busy times as students at UCLA. A few quarters ago, there was this huge “Asians in the Library” fiasco that had everyone talking – during finals week, no less. (But don’t worry, for those of you who don’t know, UCLA is one of the most diverse (speaking empirically) and tolerant (speaking personally) campuses in the nation.) Before that, there was a Bruin FML site that was really popular (someone please bring it back!). More recently, UCLA’s reddit page seems to be gaining steam, alongside the previously mentioned Spotted on Bruinwalk. Finally, the relative newcomer to the scene: UCLA Memes – one of the first school-specific sites of its kind to have popped up in the last few weeks (ruining more than one student’s midterm grades, I am sure). Who knows what will happen (or perhaps already has!) this finals season.

Turning to some interesting UCLA happenings:

1) The Court of Sciences Student Center is now open! South Campus majors rejoice, as they can now bring the likes of Yoshinoya and Subway back to their lab benches.

2) Continuing the trend, residence halls De Neve Gardenia and De Neve Holly have opened on the Hill. The buildings look more than incredible – incoming students are lucky as heck!

3) My class is now officially up on the Schedule of Classes. How exciting!

So reader, what’s your favorite UCLA popular culture reference? Leave your answer in the comments!