Holi 2012


This past weekend, I went with a group of friends to an Indian event, Holi, with traditional roots celebrating the festival of harvest, held right on campus at our Sunset Canyon Recreation Center.

Long before the event started, a long twisting line of students waited to enter the upper field where all the colored powder was to be thrown.  To add to the excitement, music and an Indian movie were played, and groups were invited to present special performances as well.  It was surely an exciting afternoon for Sunset Rec, since amidst the usual swimmers and lawn tanners there was a whole other type of physical activity happening on the upper lawn.

As I had arrived late to last year’s event by a mere half-hour but missed out on most of the coloring, this year I made sure we were early.  And even then, we were among the last quadrant that made it into the venue and still got colored powder.  The preparation that went into organizing this event was seen in groups of tables set up throughout the lawn that became powder distribution stations throughout the event.  Event managers stationed themselves within an enclosed circle of tables, and distributed powder to excited participants with a plastic bowl.

Amid the frenzy, I managed to color my face completely red and purple, and my previously-white tee shirt will most probably remain pink for the rest of its life.


As the week went on after the event, photos of my friends in other schools across the country showed them splattered in color as well.  I’m so glad I got to join in on all the fun this year, and my photos, stained clothes, and memories of this will remain with me forever!