I think regardless of what college campus you are on, some type of construction is happening. Chances are, the tour guide has some joke with the acronym of the university and construction. UCLA- Under Construction Like Always.

Currently, we have some really amazing projects going on. I hadn’t been up on the hill in awhile and was surprised to see how completed the new dorms surrounding Sproul Hall are coming along. In addition, two new dorms were opened this quarter and I have heard rave reviews. Guess which dorms filled up fastest during housing signups for next year?

We also just had the new south campus Court of Sciences Student Center, affectionately known as the bomb shelter, open. It is also extremely nice with several food options. As a south campus major, it is a godsend having a wonderful facility close to class.

Pauley Pavilion is beginning to look amazing. The other day I walked by and the lights were on inside- so exciting to see! I can’t wait to be battling for the 2013 NCAA Gymnastics title in there.

Go Bruins!