Old Pasadena

Last weekend I ventured out to Pasadena. Old Pasadena has a nice vibe with lots of families and college kids abound. Old Pasadena is a complex location for Bruins. It is fairly close to the Rose Bowl, where we play our home football games. But, it is also a popular spot to live for students who attend classes on USC’s Health Science Campus. Meaning when I stepped onto the elevator wearing my UCLA sweatshirt, I heard a loud groan.

Old Pasadena has a lot of fun shops and restaurants, ranging from common chains to specialized stores. One of my favorites is 21 Choices, which is a frozen yogurt shop. They create fun flavors with options for mix-ins similar to Coldstones. Flavors are posted daily on their website, along with the fresh fruit options. My friends all love “Circus Animal Cookie” which as the name suggests is made from circus animal cookies. On Saturday, my cup had half oatmeal cookie and half root beer float. I elected not to have any mix-ins because I didn’t really want the flavors blended together. Delicious!

Go Bruins!

Gina Provenzano