The Lovely South Campus

Molecular Sciences Building----Photo Credit: Photograph © 2003 by Alan Nyiri, courtesy of the Atkinson Photographic Archive.

A lot of students I come across often talk about how completely gorgeous North Campus is and how drab and industrial South Campus is. I am here to put an end to this misconception. South Campus is just as beautiful (if even more so!) than collegiate North Campus.

Ok, first lemme give you the reasons why people tend to be so ga-ga over North Campus. North Campus:

  • has brick and lots of it. Brick is empirically hecka pretty.
  • has “old” buildings. This kinda goes along with the whole brick thing. But the four original buildings (that date back to the 20s) are old (but like… the 20s was not that long ago) and the whole old buildings thing gives North Campus a nice classic college-y feel.
  • has the sculpture garden. And just lots of grass in general. No explanation necessary.
  • has a wide variety of buildings with lots of fun architectural styles (the people who designed Broad also designed the Getty).
  • etc etc

While all of these things do definitely make North Campus a fab place to be, there are many things in South Campus that are equally awe-inspiring.

For one, South Campus has a lot of really tall buildings. Practically every building reaches several stories into the air, and I have decided that it is because only tall buildings have the ability to properly hold all of the sciencey smartness that fills South Campus. Seriously, that place is bursting at the seams with intelligence related to the sciences.

South Campus’s buildings are also really really sleek. Everything is streamlined and has pretty glass and lots of clean-looking concrete. The architecture is just very swanky. The “spiral” staircase in the Molecular Sciences Building is shaped like an eye (or a DNA strand or something) and the Terasaki Life Science Building has a three-level lounge area.

South Campus has long stairwells with rails excellent for sliding and a botanical garden that easily rivals the sculpture garden. Behind the Health Sciences building, there is a lawn that feels like it was extracted from a science fiction film. Basically, South Campus is ~legit~.

Any walk through South Campus puts you in the middle of a metropolitan college campus. And while it’s true that hanging out on North Campus makes you feel like you are at a classic university, being in South Campus lets you experience the other side of the coin.

I love you, South Campus. And I hope more people will start loving you, too!