Mentor Mixer with ASC (and the rest of my Thursday night)


Thursday night was a busy night for me (as Thursday nights tend to be). I got out of class at four and then had to head back to my room for an hour to gather my things, have a Reese’s, and surf the interwebs. I walked down to Broxton for the second Westwood Live of the year (remember the last one?). This time, the Pediatric AIDS Coalition was partnering with Gen Rep 1 to sell passports. For each passport sold, PAC got some money, which goes towards the cause of fighting pediatric AIDS (yay!). Because PAC was in on the whole Westwood Live thing and because I am in PAC, I had to work an hour-long shift at Thursday’s event.

So at five I arrived down in Westwood and was directed to work at the “Turkey Apple Booth.” Basically, we got to make turkey-ish looking things out of apples using candy and toothpicks for feathers and gobbles. Working the booth was super fun because I was there with another member from my committee and we got eat a bunch of chocolate chips and candy corn.

After my shift was over, I power-walked back up to my dorm to throw on a jacket and grab my phone charger. As soon as I had picked up my stuff, I was running out the door on my way to my Mentor Mixer for the Alumni Scholars Club. The event was for all the scholars who have alumni mentors, and it basically is just a meet-and-greet if you haven’t met-and-gret your mentor already. I always love going to the events with alumni because they have the bomb-N-est food ever (I got seconds).

It was fancy, which is why I had to put on a jacket, and my phone had died, which is why I brought my charger (the alumni center is full outlets so it was no problem).

Anyway, I had a great time meeting alumni and other students and eating eating eating. At one point, a woman named Stephanie gave a speech about taking advantage of your mentor-mentee relationship. Apparently she went to graduate school at Stanford and studied mentorship programs (whoaaaa!), so she knew her stuff.

After the mixer, I walked back into Westwood for the end of Westwood Live. I took more pictures with my friend from last time (but I am not going to post them because one strip of us is enough). We wore mustaches and danced and went into Rocket Fizz. (Seeing Westwood lit up with all the lights on the trees made me really excited for going home for the holidays!)

I finished up my night with a meeting for ASC committee and then a B Caf run. Thursdays are always super busy but super fun. And this one involved free food (woo hoo!!!).