Westwood Live!

On Thursday night I went to Westwood LIVE, which was essentially a giant block party that was filled with delicious food, fun art, and spectacular music (there were performances by previous winners of Spring Sing!).  It started at 6, and I got there around 6:40. Usually, events at UCLA are ridiculously over-crowded and you need to get there exactly on time to take advantage of the cool free stuff that is offered but Thursday’s event didn’t get totally packed until sometime after 7.

And yeah, I mentioned free stuff. There were a bunch of free food samples (well, kind of free, you had to buy a “passport” but it was only $4). I had some Korean beef and noodles from Bibigo, a tuna sandwich and brownie from the Glendon, a free chocolate chip cookie from La Galleta, and an awesome taco with guac’ from the Napa Valley Grille. To top it off, I got a pumpkin with my passport and I was able to take that with me to a pumpkin-carving party I was invited to.

At the same time as Westwood LIVE, there was a premiere happening at the Fox theater for the movie In Time. I got to see Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried walking the red carpet, which was only mildly exciting – the best thing about both of them is only Amanda Seyfried’s hair. But what was very exciting was that my friend was able to get a ticket to see the premiere! A scary-looking man was handing out tickets to screaming fans on the sides of the walkway, and even though he skipped over me, my friend got super lucky and scored a pass. FYI this happens for basically every premiere in Westwood, so if you are ever down in LA and wanting to see a free movie and some celebs, try to score free tickets by smiling at the creepo handing them out.

After I got bored of staring at the backs of C-listers who were attending the premiere, I decided to make a quick trip back to Westwood LIVE and check out the photobooth. I am SO glad I did! I got to take pictures with my friend and now we both have a beautiful memory that we will always share. Well maybe not beautiful.

Anyway, Thursday night was super fun, and I am very looking forward to the next Westwood LIVE!

Westwood LIVE was put on by  TriArc Events, a division of ileftword entertainment, LLC and UCLA’s USAC General Representative 1 Office.

Charley Guptill