Bruins in the Village

This past Thursday evening saw no less than hundreds of Bruins in Westwood at a great event titled “Bruins Night Out” hosted by CEC (Campus Events Commission) and General Representative 1 office.  It was incredible to see the streets packed with students eagerly seeking the myriad of deals that night, including free Diddy Riese cookies, buy one get one free at Chipotle, a free movie, and so much more.  Some of our favorite restaurants had free food to give out, while others had great deals that gave the college student’s pocketbook a break.  I myself tried out the unlimited waffles deal at Waffle Chix and was only able to eat one other waffle in addition to the one that came with my combo, but nevertheless had more than enough incentive to spend the evening in our wonderful college town that is rated one of the best university neighborhoods in the nation.  Dinky little Westwood (by the standards of those of us who have spent time in megacities) was bustling with life from 5pm to way past 10pm!

The biggest attraction of the night was surely Chipotle’s buy-one-get-one-free deal.  Walking past the enormous line made my friends and me wonder if the burrito(s) warranted a 40-minute wait in line, but it seemed a great chance to socialize with friends you haven’t seen for a while or meet new people that are interested in the same deals as you are.  Near the end of the night, ebbing flows of pedestrians and shopkeepers telling us their deals were out were signs that it was a more than successful night.

Eleanor Fang