Quarter System…and How Fast it Goes

It’s Fall Quarter and here, we are about to start Week 4. One of the fabulous things that I love about the quarter system is how fast it goes. Some might be afraid of it, but hey, I love the challenge. It seems as if just yesterday we were all just getting adjusted to back-to-school mode. Summer has ended and Fall is upon us. Midterms are in a week. Papers are due in a week. My birthday is in a month! It’s my last teenage year. There are a lot of deadlines that we as students have to deal with. Homework, readings, office hours (Professor and/or TA’s), papers, midterms, finals, and/or projects. Plus, outside extracurriculars, volunteering, and/or job(s). This might seem like an overwhelming blog post, but it just gives you a glimpse of a life of a college student. Particularly, the quarter system only runs 11 weeks (including Finals week). That means that just after 3/4 weeks you are already going to have a Midterm. It might seem like you might not have a lot of time to catch up or prepare for your exam but believe me, when I tell you that you have PLENTY of TIME. You learn to get adjusted to the way the quarter system works. I love it because it’s so fast paced and in some ways, it helps me better track my time.

I’m a person that’s all about organization. I love tracking my time and making sure I have time for everything (which includes academics and a social life). This year, my time has been very limited, mostly because I took on a leadership role in one of my jobs (I have two). It’s been stressful at times, but looking back on this quarter thus far, I can say that I have been having a blast. My classes have been great and I’ve been learning a lot (both inside and outside the classroom). The quarter system lets me appreciate all the beautiful things about school. Yes it might seem like it goes by too fast, but just keep in mind that everything you’re studying is still fresh in your mind (this plays a vital role in your exams). I’m definitely looking forward to the next couple of weeks. You never know what will come next! Cheers to Week 4 (and Midterm season!).