It’s midterm season!

Keeping up with my weather post from last week, today was hot!! It sure is hard to know it’s October when its over 80 degrees. I may be confused if it is Fall, but I definitely know it is midterm season!

Midterms at UCLA apparently start as early as week 3, as I am currently experiencing, and I have them as late as week 9! For those of you who don’t know, we are on a ten week quarter system. A little bit more about midterms at UCLA- if you are lucky, your class will only have one midterm, or none, if you are luckier. Most of the classes I have taken on north campus have usually had one about half way through. For science classes, you never know what you are going to get! Generally it’s two, but I have had friends who have had four midterms for one class! This quarter, I only have three midterms. Quite a relief after last fall, when I had seven!

This Friday I have my first midterm of the quarter for my biochemistry class. It will be my first upper-division science midterm. Exciting, right? I can’t believe how much we have covered in only three weeks time. I have my lecture slides printed,  a study guide of questions given to us by the professor for each topic, and my own nice stack of flashcards. Now the only task is to learn them.