Bruins at the LA County Fair

This past Saturday was UCLA day at the L.A. County Fair.  Current UCLA students, staff and their families were able to attend the L.A. County Fair with free admission, and alumni were able to attend for $5 admission rather than the usual $13.  If staying around UCLA during zero week weekend isn’t exciting enough for Bruins, we get to go to the County Fair at Pomona Fairplex for free!

Of course, upon getting past the entrance for free or $5 discounted admission (which I unfortunately missed out on), the attractions and games are far from complimentary, but one can still have tons of fun without spending more than $20.  Since admission would have cost $13, spending $20 on 40 “tickets” to play carnival games, ride the ferris wheel, or attend other fun attractions, is well worth the money. In addition to carnival games and lots of food, the fair also had themed exhibitions (ie. one dedicated to the tropical jungle), as well as indoor booths for vendors looking to spread the word.  Anything from cookies to Shamwows could be found here.  The fair and its attractions accommodate people of all ages and tastes, and something across the huge Fairplex will surely capture your attention, no matter what you’re interested in.

Although I am going into my third year, this was my first time at the L.A. County Fair. Personally, I had never been to a fair of these proportions or a fairground of this size.  I had only seen these extravagant fairs in movies and television series, and had never seen a “Texas-sized turkey leg” in real life.

Eleanor Fang