The Best Place to Study

So to begin, many exciting things have been happening during my first two weeks at UCLA. Of course Zero week was a blast, but now first week is here, and it’s time to get serious. Studying for college courses can be very different, depending on how well you studied in high school. Professors don’t just want you to recite information from the book; they want you to be able to analyze it as well. So you not only have to know the basic information that published materials provide, but you must build on that information, with opinion and analysis. This takes hours and hours of studying, and more importantly, studying well. I’ve been told that for every hour of lecture, there should be two to three hours of studying. So this weekend I took it upon myself to get a head start and scope out the perfect place to study.

After exploring campus a bit over the past few days, I came upon this little courtyard (Shapiro Courtyard) between the Law building and Dodd Hall. It’s like a dream. It’s really quiet without being dead silent. There is a small amount of foot traffic (so just in case you need a break from the books, you can people watch) and an abundance of tables to choose from. There are lots of trees surrounding the area, so you wouldn’t even know it was there. The environment is perfect for me- outdoors, yet remote. Furthermore, I also get inspired by all of the hardworking law students that surround me, as I study.

Everyone has his or her own preferences when it comes down to it. I personally think that studying in a library would drive me crazy. Libraries are drafty with minimal recycled air, and I would probably be the person to drop one of my books and disturb everyone. So I’d rather stick to studying in my dorm room, the floor lounge, or the courtyard I described. I’m sure I’ll find a few other great places to study throughout the quarter. One of the many things that I love about campus is although many students study here, there seems to be a place for everyone.