Photograph © 2003 by Alan Nyiri, courtesy of the Atkinson Photographic Archive.


It is my last day of summer, and instead of being out drinking Starbucks (what I should be doing), I am indoors packing all of my entire everything into trash bags. It is my fault. I waited and procrastinated until all my packing got squeezed into this one day. So, to de-stress I am (of course) listening to Beyonce and writing a blog post. I created a collection of haikus that bid farewell to summer, say hello to fall quarter, and talk about a whole bunch of other stuff that is happening in my UCLA life.

Underwear in bed

Glass of ice water with me

Am blogging, boo yeah

‘Twas this time last year

That mom was helping me pack

All of my clothing

Beginning of school

Excited for Bruin Bash

Who’s Kendrick Lamar?

Move-in will be fun

Already know my RA

Her name is Ann Du

Face trauma summer

Broken nose and wisdom teeth

Luckily still cute

Already miss Mom

Parent’s Weekend comes up fast

But why Halloween?!

Last year’s Halloween

Wore a camouflage t-shirt

Was an “army guy”

This year’s Halloween

Will be wearing chef costume

Make microwaved tea

Excited for class

Get to use my brain again

But please not too tough

Stoked for the dorm food

Want Cafe 1919

Caprese salad

Walking everywhere

Walking to and from Westwood

Walking to class, too

I’ve missed you, Bradley

And your fabulous courtyard

Study date soon, yes?

Finally, goodbye

Thanks for the fun, San Jose

This is a baiku

I didn’t mention Royce Hall, even though I miss that building a lot, too. I am so happy that summer is over and that I get to go back to one of Earth’s best places (I hate claiming anywhere is the best place on Earth), and do a bajillion 8-claps. UCLA, here I come!