For Freshmen: Getting to Know your Roommates AFTER Move In

I recently wrote a blog about getting to know your roommates BEFORE you actually live with them. Now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get into the topics you deal with AFTER you move in and start living with your roommates. There is a saying that goes “You don’t really know a person until you live with them” and I truly believe in this statement. You share your space, comfort zone, and privacy with whomever you live with. Here are some of my hints on what I suggest on doing after you move-in, in hopes to get to know your roommate(s) even more:

–Be accommodating/try to work things out. You will all have your own preferences and will have to coordinate on how to agree on your differences. That is why it is important to be open to different ideas and agree on a happy medium. This is crucial for a successful year of living together with one or two other individuals. :).

-Be approachable. Be open to ideas and what your roommate has to say. Remember, you are sharing a room so you have to be as cooperative as possible. By doing so, your roommate will find it easy to approach you about any issues that may arise.

-Discuss options- sleeping time, studying hours, LIGHTS, sleep overs? All of this is crucial!

– Clean up after yourself. Do you like to leave a mess? If so, then leave it in your own area. Your roommate may not like having a mess so you want to keep it on your side. In contrast, you might be very tidy but your roommate might not be, so just make sure to discuss cleanliness with him/her.

-Be respectful. Simple– do not try to lay all the rules on your own because this will come off as bossy or uncooperative. Be ready to discuss EVERYTHING! It will save you guys a lot of trouble in the long run.

-Over night guests? Be sure to let your roommate know well in advance if you plan to have people sleep over. This will give you guys leeway to coordinate anything that might interfere with the sleep over. Quite simply, just because you think or assume that your roommate might not mind you having people sleep over,  do not wait until the day before, to let your roommate know that you are having an overnight guest.

-Get to know your roommate. Despite your differences, there is a beauty known as friendship that can build out of this random pairing. If you chose who your roommate was for the year, then great! If you didn’t, this provides you the opportunity to get to know someone new and make a new friend! Invite your roommate out, either to hang out or to go to floor socials. A simple invitation will go a long way. Even if your roommate always says no, he/she will know that you care.

These are  my pieces of advice for getting to know your roommate after you move in. Hopefully, these tips will allow you guys to have an amazing year of living together. Take it from someone who lived with complete strangers during his two years of living in the fabulous housing of UCLA. From here on out, it’s up to you guys to do your own part in having a fabulous year of living as roommates. Good luck and GO BRUINS!