Featured Study Spot: Novel Café

Another week has passed by and brought summer session A to an end!  And, like the end of any term, it must be accompanied by a round of finals.  Naturally, finals week (or the week immediately preceding it) is a crucial time when previously relaxed study habits suddenly click into gear and “get down to business.”  The usual popular study spots get increasingly crowded, and this is when I like to visit some of my favorite niche cafés in Westwood.

Novel Café has been in Westwood for a while, and yet it seems that not as many people know about it or venture that far from campus.  Novel Café, located at Gayley and Kinross, is a roughly 20-30 minute walk from the Hill and North Village apartments.  It serves an all-day breakfast menu, which is a nice change from Denny’s on the opposite side of the Village.  I know someone who swears by their Breakfast Quesadillas, and their Triple-Layered Chocolate Cake always finds a way to my table and bill nearly every time I pay them a visit.

In addition to great food, Novel Café also has a great study environment.  The café has two separate floors of tables; the first floor has both indoor and outdoor seating typical to any bistro, but the upper level has tables overlooking the lower level and bookcases in the walls with volumes spanning all sorts of topics of both academic and special interest.  My inner Geography nerd automatically gravitates toward the piles of National Geographic magazines, but I have seen anything from “How To Find Your Soulmate” to “Ancient Chinese History”.  It’s a great place to have casual Saturday morning (or afternoon… or evening) brunch with friends, or Wednesday evening tea followed by studying or writer’s block.

Stay tuned for more featured study spots in and around UCLA!

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