Featured Study Spot: Café Hammer

Although there are plenty of places to study on campus, UCLA students are very resourceful and seek out alternative good study spots in nearby Westwood, our college town.  It’s less about being bored of the ten libraries we have on campus and more about discovering nice little niches in Westwood that offer different atmospheres to choose from, depending on whether you’re crazy about coffee or a fan of museums and art galleries.  Recently I discovered that there is a café inside the Hammer Museum (located at Westwood and Wilshire) that has a lovely atmosphere that I find extremely conducive to studying.  Located in the middle of a picturesque courtyard, the café emulates a half-indoors, half-outdoors ambiance created by a combination of outdoors, lawn-partyish decor mixed with indoors, restaurant-style tables and chairs.  The half of the café that is in the center of the courtyard feels like an open-air coffee house, and the half that has a roof over its head looks like a sophisticated up-and-coming bistro.

The café not only has lovely atmosphere thoughtfully supplemented by electrical outlets for you to plug your laptop in while you study, it also has a delightful array of teas to choose from.  My next step is to try the appetizers that have been recommended to me as wonderful study snacks!

I’m looking forward to going back there again soon to study.  Who knew there would be a great study spot in the midst of a museum?  Stay tuned for more study spot recommendations in and around UCLA!