Momma’s Boy

So my dad and sister have been out of town for the past week. I guess it’s more like they have been out of country. My dad is in England on a business trip (which I don’t understand. If you are going to do business, go to Hawaii or Fiji, whatever), and my sister is in Belgium as an au pair. That means that it is just me and my mom! Yippee!

We always joke (but are never kidding) that my mom and I are the more sophisticated half of the family and that we enjoy the finer things in life. All this really means is that we both love going to movies and eating out at restaurants. My sister kind of just doesn’t care and my dad would rather have his toenails removed (kind of exaggerating, kind of not).

So this past week has been spent galavanting from theater to theater with pit stops in between for huge slices of pesto pizza or goat cheese and corn quesadillas. I was even lucky enough to be housesitting during this time, which came with many benefits.

  1. full range of a beautiful awesome two-story house
  2. hang out time with dogs
  3. a pool (boo yeah)
  4. free food

As an added bonus, one of my mom’s best friends lived several houses down so we got to go over to her place for dinner all the time.

This change of pace reminds me of my time at UCLA. It wasn’t my dad or sister who were out of town; it was me! And even though I was in a different place (LA is very different than the Bay Area) I was still able to do a lot of the same things I love to do with my mom.

After all, I had access to at least two free movies every week with CEC’s free dollar movies and sneak peeks, and I had a meal plan so I ate a ton (and yes, the food was less glam, but I’m creative, remember my French soda?). I also was very close to an amazing pool at Sunset Rec. And, to top it off, I got to see dogs every once in a while! Faculty who lived on the Hill had pets AND there was even a special program that brought dogs to dorms for “pet therapy” to help students destress for finals.

So, when I think about it, the time I cherish with my mom when we do a whole bunch of fun things looks a lot like my time at UCLA. That’s pretty cool.