The amazing Spider-Man!!

For some of you, I’m sure you were able to get a chance to go to the midnight screening of Spider-Man, but unfortunately I wasn’t one of those lucky people. I couldn’t imagine the line and the crowd for it, so I decided to wait until the weekend to watch it. It was a lot better, but still the whole theater was packed when I went to watch it with 5 of my friends!!

For those who haven’t watched it, and if you know you’re a super hero lover, then this is one of the movie that you should watch! It has action, more details of Spiderman’s life, and definitely more  romance 😉

I will say that this is the most romantic super hero movie I’ve ever seen. Maybe because it was during Spiderman’s  high school years and was about his first love… who knows. But it is one of those movies that will make you smile mostly because in your mind you’re saying “yup, those high school times!” 😉

Other than Spiderman, my 4th of July celebration was really relaxing 🙂 My friends and I didn’t do anything over the top, we just relaxed for that day since most of us had school or work the next day. That night, I was driving home from having dinner with my boyfriend when people started lighting up fireworks!! So my driving home was entertaining because it was filled with fireworks along the freeway 🙂

Magic Castle vs The Avengers!!

The Avengers!!! Enough said, you already know what I want to say… It was so amazing!!! I’m not a big super hero fan, but for this movie I can say that I loved it!! It was worth my time and worth my money to watch it 🙂

But before that, let’s back up couple hours shall we. So I told you all about how my de-stressing weekend last week, which I still believe was amazing. This weekend I was supposed to go to Magic Castle. For those of you who don’t know, Magic Castle is this private club in Hollywood where you can have fine dining while watching a magic show. I’ve never been there, so I thought it was so amazing that I got a chance to go in!!

Some basic rules before you go to Magic Castle are that you have to be at least 21 years old and ladies and gentlemen you have to suit up. Ladies are required to wear cocktail dress at least, while gentlemen (I’m literally using their language,haha) have to wear suit and tie. No jeans, no tennis shoes, no zipped jackets. Pretty intense ha..

So my boyfriend and I went there along with some other friends who invited us. But lo and behold,  my friend who had the invitation forgot to make the reservation for the dinner!! And since it was Saturday, the place was over-booked and we couldn’t go. So we decided to make a reservation for next month since we’re all busy. I was a little bummed that we didn’t get to go in, especially since now I’m super curious how the building is on the inside . But everything worked out actually because I went to see The Avengers instead that day!!! 🙂 It’s was win-win situation I think,haha..

With Magic Castle scheduled for next month, I’m really looking forward to it!! In the mean time, back to UCLA and Starbucks (where I mostly study,haha).  I have to get back to reality that the second round of midterms are already on their way next week!! That means I have to start studying this week again.. But it’s all good, because I have something else good in the store for this month!! Don’t worry I’ll share it with you once the time comes; until then let’s welcome week 6 Bruins!!

Campus Celebrities

After being away from campus for three weeks as I enjoyed a vacation in Vancouver, Canada and its vicinity with my family, my absence seemed to have been much longer than that.  Amongst my friends catching me up on what I had missed, what amused me the most was their insistence that I realised that Miley Cyrus had been on campus while I was gone, filming for her new movie, So Undercover.  None of us were especially big fans of Miley Cyrus; in fact, a couple of us shy away from her music unless it is forced upon us.  Yet, the news was exciting because it was an example of yet another celebrity appearance at UCLA as Hollywood takes advantage of such a beautiful campus in beautiful weather, full of young and eager extras, only a few dozen miles from its studios.

This is one of my favorite things about UCLA; only a week before my departure for Canada, Real Madrid (the Royal Madrid Football Club of Spain) had graced our North Athletic Field with their presence.  I was in the middle of giving a campus tour when I crossed paths with the celebrity team, and as I was walking backwards at the time, I suddenly found it curious that my audience stopped listening, began to talk amongst each other loudly and point at something behind me that was evidently more interesting than my fun facts about Wilson Plaza.  A quick look behind me luckily brought me to a halt as I was about to walk into a snake-like link of fences marking a red-carpet-esque walkway for someone important enough to be separated from the general public.  The walkway made its way from the north entrance of Student Activities Center (SAC), through Wilson Plaza, straight to the North Athletic Field.  Suddenly, a caucus of screams near the north entrance of SAC brought our attention to a group of lean and athletically dressed young men boarding golf carts whizzing through the plaza to transport them onto the North Athletic Field.  As they drove past, I recognized Cristiano Ronaldo, the most expensive football player in the world, better known to avid female fans for his dashing good looks.  My friend in Britain who dreams of someday meeting Ronaldo would have been hysterical to know that I got a fleeting close encounter with him.

Only last night, as I looked through the bloopers of one of my favorite television shows How I Met Your Mother, I recognized Royce’s beautiful pillars behind a running Josh Radnor as he played Professor Mosby rushing past a busy corridor of an unnamed East Coast university.  The truth is, many of Hollywood’s university scenes are filmed at UCLA; our popularity with filmmakers is not limited to television shows and movies but stretches to commercials and advertisements as well.  If you ask me, I would love to take my actors and crew to film at a set that is naturally beautiful, brimming with young people eager to be extras, and easily accessible from their studio.  I can only say that we are so lucky at UCLA with our average 300 days a year of sunshine to be in the perfect spot to share with famous celebrities and directors who obviously think so too.  Go Bruins!

Momma’s Boy

So my dad and sister have been out of town for the past week. I guess it’s more like they have been out of country. My dad is in England on a business trip (which I don’t understand. If you are going to do business, go to Hawaii or Fiji, whatever), and my sister is in Belgium as an au pair. That means that it is just me and my mom! Yippee!

We always joke (but are never kidding) that my mom and I are the more sophisticated half of the family and that we enjoy the finer things in life. All this really means is that we both love going to movies and eating out at restaurants. My sister kind of just doesn’t care and my dad would rather have his toenails removed (kind of exaggerating, kind of not).

So this past week has been spent galavanting from theater to theater with pit stops in between for huge slices of pesto pizza or goat cheese and corn quesadillas. I was even lucky enough to be housesitting during this time, which came with many benefits.

  1. full range of a beautiful awesome two-story house
  2. hang out time with dogs
  3. a pool (boo yeah)
  4. free food

As an added bonus, one of my mom’s best friends lived several houses down so we got to go over to her place for dinner all the time.

This change of pace reminds me of my time at UCLA. It wasn’t my dad or sister who were out of town; it was me! And even though I was in a different place (LA is very different than the Bay Area) I was still able to do a lot of the same things I love to do with my mom.

After all, I had access to at least two free movies every week with CEC’s free dollar movies and sneak peeks, and I had a meal plan so I ate a ton (and yes, the food was less glam, but I’m creative, remember my French soda?). I also was very close to an amazing pool at Sunset Rec. And, to top it off, I got to see dogs every once in a while! Faculty who lived on the Hill had pets AND there was even a special program that brought dogs to dorms for “pet therapy” to help students destress for finals.

So, when I think about it, the time I cherish with my mom when we do a whole bunch of fun things looks a lot like my time at UCLA. That’s pretty cool.