Bringing UCLA to Future Bruins

Today I was fortunate enough to do a presentation with my supervisor for high school students on the UC Personal Statement.  As a Bruin Ambassador, I’m responsible for talking to prospective students and future Bruins about UCLA, applying to UCLA, and what it’s like to be a student at the best school in the world.  Today, I watched my supervisor for Bruin Ambassadors speak to the kids about what UCLA looks for in the Personal Statement and what role it plays in the admission decision-making process. We provided them many tips and tricks to writing the prompts and many do’s and don’t’s to help avoid the mistakes students can make.

This presentation only solidified my awareness of the competitive nature of UCLA Admissions and reinforced my knowledge that UCLA is an amazing institution that is world-renowned.  It makes me happy that I can help high school students gain some advantage over this competitive system and help them hone their application to really showcase their individual, unique qualities.  I was also reminded that this is what makes UCLA so unique: there is a wide  breadth of students at UCLA that come from many different backgrounds with different strengths and abilities.  We all bring something to the table as Bruins.  I try to help these students highlight these special strengths.

I was proud to stand in front of these students as a representative of UCLA and show them what it means to be a True Bruin.  UCLA is about more than just high quality education; there’s opportunities for every student that extend beyond the classroom and beyond the boundaries of our character.  UCLA is a place to grow and I’m happy to convey this to future Bruins.  Good luck to these students on their applications and Go Bruins!!