Making the Most of Your Campus Tour

In the past year alone, I have spoken with thousands of high school students about what it is like to be a part of the UCLA community.  My parting advice for them is always the same.  I could talk for hours about how great the UCLA community has been for me, but the best way…

To Our Applicants

I’ve been in college admission for nearly 20 years, which is likely longer than most incoming freshman have been alive. Yet each year, I look forward to the opportunity to meet with newly admitted students and their families as they consider which campus community they’ll call home this fall. With all of the stress that…

Read Season from a Readers Point of View

Winter is synonymous with one thing in our office: read season. Joel, Assistant Director, offers some insight into what we’re looking for as we consider each applicant.

UCLA #1 in number of applications… again!

  It was recently revealed that we are again the most-applied-to four-year university in the United States, with our record-breaking 91,512 applications this past fall.  This is a 12.7% increase from last year’s 81,235, and the largest increase came from traditionally underrepresented ethnic groups, signifying that we are diversifying and bringing in new perspectives and…

Bringing UCLA to Future Bruins

Today I was fortunate enough to do a presentation with my supervisor for high school students on the UC Personal Statement.  As a Bruin Ambassador, I’m responsible for talking to prospective students and future Bruins about UCLA, applying to UCLA, and what it’s like to be a student at the best school in the world….