To be or not to be. Is that the question?

To be or not to be, I just do not know. It is finally that time in my life when I must sit down and focus on the career paths in front of me. (Or so my parents and society tell me). However, I find myself at a bit of crossroad. I wish that I could just build a bridge between the two of them and run back and forth without making a decision….can I? Perhaps I’ll let you  in on my query.

Do I take path 1) the path less traveled, one of adventure and fun, failure and rejection, happiness and fear? Or, do I take path 2) the path with a clear sign and arrow pointing to it, stability and fortune, success and routine, approval and pride?

Soooo, what do you think? Too vague? You poor readers have no idea what I am referring to do you? Ok fine, you got it out of me. I have two dreams. One is to be a comedian, and actress of the likes of Kristin Wiig, Tina Fey, Ellen Degeneres, and Amy Poehler to name a few. I want to be on a stage doing improv, stand up, and writing sketches. However, I have another dream too. A dream to be a CEO of my own marketing company. A company that successfully bridges the gap between the client and the creativity. Are these dreams too big? You might be thinking, is my head full of unattainable fairy tales? NEVER! I say to you. Yes, both of these goals and dreams are huge, but I am committing to reach one of them. But which?

To be or not to be. Is that my question? This summer I want to do both. I am already committed to two summer internships in marketing and I am currently interviewing to work for another one from home. Crazy? Yes. But each one is so different and wonderful in it’s own way. This summer, I am also taking classes at  the Groundlings school of improv, printing headshots and resumes, editing my reel, and making sad attempts at auditions and open mics. My biggest fear is that by chasing both dreams I am sacrificing my success at both. So the question remains. To be or not to be. Can someone answer this for me? For I am at my crossroad and have no idea which path to take, and the middle looks a bit muddy.