From dorms to apartments

The week between the end of spring quarter and the beginning of Summer Session A is always busy with students moving off campus to go home for the summer, or getting ready for other plans such as study abroad or internships (in LA and elsewhere).  I am blogging from Vancouver where my family currently resides as my sister attends high school, and am taking a break from the busyness of Los Angeles up here in Canada.

Before taking a trip up north, my past week has been spent moving from the dorms to the apartments.  It has been quite a journey even though it is a short trip from my dorm room to the apartment; the stress was more emotional than physical, and I was (and still am) very reluctant to leave the Hill because of all the wonderful times I have had there.  It’s great to be near so many fellow students in one centralized location, because it’s quick and easy to visit a friend any time of day no matter where they live in the dorms.  With so many amenities on the Hill, I have never had to trek further than Covel Commons (literally next door to where I lived) to print a packet of reading or homework, or past the Hilltop Store for late night snacks and other necessities.  As an international student, my parents were especially worried whether I would be eating properly and that my surroundings were safe; I have always been proud to tell them that not only is our dorm food among the best in the nation’s colleges, but that we also have the safest campus.  The Hill is extremely well lit and always bustling with life, sometimes to quite late hours in the night.  It is this accessibility that I appreciate and cherished during my two years as an on-campus housing resident.

One of my favorite memories of OCHC events was Casino Night, during which I volunteered as a blackjack dealer and had training with someone who worked as a professional dealer in Las Vegas for more than 20 years.  I will really miss these great opportunities and fun activities always available to us on the Hill!  Thankfully, these events are open to students not living on the Hill with an additional entrance fee.  The Hill will definitely see me back again soon next year!