those are some WAC finals

Finals are currently the only thing on my mind. Most people assume that a final is a written test composed of multiple choice, short answers, or in class essays. However, in the World Arts and Cultures (WAC) department, professors measure a students knowledge differently. Our finals are often composed of reflection essays, projects, and physical movement examinations. In my art and social action class I comprised a project that confronted the problem of childhood obesity. My group created a fun and easy dance to dynamite that included an instructional video that allowed kids to learn the choreography–you can watch it above! You can even see some video responses we received from kids near the end.

We thought that getting kids up and dancing to music is the best way for them to become active. In my choreography class, two of my classmates and I made a piece that dealt with the forces between good and evil. The last final I completed was in my ballet class where I was asked to perform all of the vocabulary we had learnt that quarter. This is generally what WAC students have to do during finals week.