Let Your Voice Be Heard

Last week was busy and filled with exams, projects, and papers. All of this stress has made it nearly impossible for me to get out of my study cave and get onto campus. The only time I was outside was when I was walking to and from class. As I walked through the sunken gardens at 8AM in the morning I saw hundreds of colorful shirts swaying in the wind. This project was being presented by a group of students who were raising awareness about violence. Each shirt that hung from the clothes lines was associated with a different type of violence (rape, sexual harassment, etc). Although the exhibition was extremely heart wrenching, it is nice to know how involved our students on campus are. These types of protests are constantly happening on campus and it is proof of how UCLA challenges students to speak up for what they believe in. I have even been involved in the budget cuts protests. Just remember to let your voice be heard for the things that you believe in!