Becoming a Bruin

Hello Bruins! My name is Simone Evans and I am currently a first-year transfer at UCLA majoring in Sociology. Let me first start off by saying congratulations on your admission to UCLA, you should be incredibly proud of yourself! I will never forget receiving the notification about admission decisions being released while I was at work. I could not log onto the portal fast enough as the pace of my heartbeat increased and I saw the word congratulations across my screen. My hard work at my community college had paid off and I had been presented with an incredible opportunity to attend the number 1 public university in the country!

That was one short year ago but since then my life as a Bruin has been one grand adventure. From the moment I sent my SIR to UCLA, I wanted to discover all that they had to offer which is why I spent so much time exploring the My UCLA website and social media pages of various UCLA organizations. During my time at Citrus College, I was not able to be as involved in campus life because I worked a full-time job but I was determined to make my UCLA experience different. I knew UCLA would give me everything I wanted out of a university including incredible professors, research opportunities, campus organizations where I could connect with other students (We have over 1,300 !), and let’s not forget being surrounded by that incredible Bruin spirit while watching all of our incredible athletes showcase their talents.

Transferring to UCLA may seem overwhelming at first and as someone who is a non-traditional transfer student who also commutes, I will say the transition may not be as easy as we’d like but I can tell you from experience that there is an incredible community here ready to welcome you with open arms and help to smooth that transition out. Being overwhelmed and nervous are both normal ways to feel but you should know you are never alone. Take advantage of the available opportunities! That was the only way I knew how to set myself up for success. Attend your Bruin Bound events, ask questions to new student advisors during your Bruin to Bruin sessions, and get a head start by looking into available summer programs. Come with an open mind and be ready to make new friends who have different experiences than you. That is one of the best parts about UCLA, how many different people from different backgrounds you will come across!

It was because I kept exploring what UCLA had to offer that I had such a wonderful experience in my first year. I served on a committee under USAC’s Office of the President, and I joined STOMP (Student Transfer Outreach and Mentor Program) where I built relationships with other transfer students as we shared our transfer journeys with prospective transfer students from California High School and Community Colleges, and I am now gearing up for a summer as a New Student Advisor under UCLA’s New Student Academic Programs. Honestly, the opportunities are endless and even now I am still discovering new things I want to try and be a part of. You will forge your own path here at UCLA as we all have and it will be just as special as you are!

Once again, congratulations on your admission and I cannot wait to hopefully see you around campus next fall! GO BRUINS!

Person smiling in front of a green background wearing a UCLA Navy sweater.