Supporting Student Civic Responsibility in the Admission Process

“The University is not engaged in making ideas safe for students, it is engaged in making students safe for ideas.”

Clark Kerr, President, University of California (1963)

As we process yet another devastating school shooting in our country, most recently at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, we are reminded of the strength, fortitude and possibility of young people. An increasing number of students, their families, and their school communities grow tired of news that has become all too common…yet another school shooting. As we all mourn the loss of these students, staff, and teachers…sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, friends…their fellow high school students throughout the country are standing up for what was lost in hopes of preventing it from happening again. They are speaking their mind, protesting inaction, walking out or sitting in. Peacefully exercising their rights to demand more of all of us. As they should.

To those students, know that UCLA stands with you. Participation in peaceful, meaningful protest and/or civil action in no way jeopardizes your admission or scholarship to UCLA.

The motto for the University of California is Fiat Lux, or Let There Be Light. We’re known for our sense of optimism, even in the direst of circumstances. The students and community of Stoneman Douglas represent that light for us all.

Say your piece, speak your mind, and demand better of us all.

Gary Clark, Jr.
Director, UCLA Undergraduate Admission